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The University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Forestry is one of the world’s leading academic institutions in forestry, conducting both national and international research, and providing undergraduate and post-graduate students a world-class education in five programs: Urban Forestry, Forest Resources Management, Forest Operations, Natural Resources Conservation, and Wood Products Processing. The recent development of the Asia Forest Research Centre (AFRC) facilitates the exciting potential for further research collaboration, capacity building, student recruitment, and technological support for stakeholders, land managers, and academics in Asia.

The Asia Forest Research Centre is a cross-departmental entity within the Faculty of Forestry, with the ability to promote regionally specific research to enhance forestry practices and knowledge in Asia. Seeking to enhance the research capacity at UBC, the Centre facilitates forestry research by both domestic and international students and scholars. A comprehensive network involving scientists, policymakers, practitioners, and other stakeholders will be extended by research and support conducted at the AFRC and will further advance Asian forestry research. The AFRC additionally works closely with partners to continuously enhance knowledge, networking, and capacity building within the region. Further, the Centre will promote education and exchange opportunities, while augmenting research and engagement on forest-related issues in Asia. Student recruitment and mobility will continue to advance, wherein unique and valuable research experiences will be provided to students and scholars.

While forest management strategies generally differ among Asian countries and Canada, both regions have common objectives of sustainable forest management, production of wood products, and trade. The Asia Forest Research Center provides a mechanism for collaboration and management integration between Asia and Canada, addressing gaps in forest management knowledge and the effectiveness of current management strategies. In a region experiencing unprecedented deforestation, climate change, and general loss of biodiversity, the AFRC is critical for the sustainable and adaptive forest management of Asian forests for future viability.


Guangyu Wang
Director, Asia Forest Research Centre

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