Programs and Services

Educational Programs

Each year, an increasing number of transfer, exchange, and visiting students from Asia come to the UBC Faculty of Forestry to pursue their degrees and obtain an international learning experience. In the first 3-6 months after transferring to UBC, many students have a difficult time because of the different living environment and education system; unfamiliar forest ecosystems; more hands-on and critical-thinking oriented teaching styles; and barriers to professional communications in English. The AFRC will help with the development of research and strategies to improve the international forestry learning experience for these international students from Asia. In addition, senior undergraduate students and graduate students should be able to explore internships and other working opportunities through AFRC’s resources and networks, an activity that will be undertaken in cooperation with the Faculty’s co-op programs.

Capacity Building

Capacity building is an integral part in development of forest research and education in the Asia region. Strides towards a more sustainable future can be hindered by lack of resources and knowledge. AFRC works to bridge this gap and increase the capacity throughout the region by providing unique opportunities and valuable programs for students and faculty. Through training programs bot h in groups and online, supporting visiting scholars, and increasing available funding, capacity of the region can be enhanced to combat future challenges facing forest education and research.

Research Collaborations

The centre works to offer a communication and collaboration platform for research projects and programs. Through networking opportunities, the centre has allowed for many research projects to take place, as well as provide additional funding aid and project assistance.

Consulting and Tech Support

One of the key functions of the AFRC is to provide consulting services and technology support. With the diverse experts and advanced research labs, the AFRC will be able to deliver breakthrough solutions for forestry related issues for governments, industries, and local communities. The AFRC will act as an incubator to promote new applications in forestry industries, knowledge and technique transfer, and academic-industry cooperation. As part of the consulting services, the AFRC will also provide annual reports and other publications to spread innovative ideas and groundbreaking solutions.

Asia Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism

The AFRC has benefited from the services provided by the Asia Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism . The mechanism works with as many partners as possible to build a platform for promoting strong collaboration in SFM education in order to improve overall capacity in SFM in the Asia-Pacific region.

 APFNet Americas Liaison Office

A new service being developed in partnership with APFNet, that will work to be a liaison office between partners throughout the Americas.