Capacity Building

SFM Online Courses

The “Innovative Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Education in the Asia-Pacific Region” project was launched in 2013 to develop six, award-winning, web-based core courses and a web-based forum platform for the exchange of the latest forest-related information. Supported by the Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet), UBC Forestry, BFU, University of Melbourne, University Putra Malaysia, and University of the Philippines Los Baños the first six online SFM courses were produced. These forestry MOOCs have been shared with various forest stakeholders, including forestry students, young faculty, and mid-career professionals in the AP region to promote SFM capacity building. An estimated 6000+ learners have examined the courses.

Young Scientists and Scholars Training

Our Faculty has signed mobility agreements with many of the top Asian forestry universities. We are committed to: (1) helping our partner universities improve their teaching and research abilities; (2) sharing teaching resources and methods; (3) carrying out joint personnel training; and (4) promoting faculty exchange and capacity building training.

Mid-Career Training

Training for mid-career professionals is provided from topics such as SFM, Forest Management, North American Forest Management, National Parks Management, as well as customized training for various fields.

Scientific Seminar

Through seminars, workshops, and student engagement activities, the AFRC works to make students comfortable in their new homes. Programs are in place to help visiting scholars make the most of their time at UBC by proving endless opportunities to experience new cultural, social, and educational realms.