Lecture #8 – Dr. Rui Yang

Lecture #8 – The Establishment of China’s National Park System– A Case Study from Sanjiangyuan
September 25, 5:00-6:00pm Vancouver time (Sept 26, 8:00-9:00am, Beijing Time)
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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rui Yang, Professor, Tsinghua University, China

Dr. Rui Yang is the co-founder, head, and professor of the Department of Landscape Studies, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, and Director of the National Park Research Institute of Tsinghua University and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture. He obtained his Bachelor, Master, and Doctor in Landscape Architecture from Tsinghua University. He was a Visiting Scholar in the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. In 1998, he proposed to build a “Northwest Yunnan National Park and Protected Area System” and carried out many research projects in this area. In 2003, he put forward 4 strategies, 32-key guidelines, and 41 action plans to establish and improve China’s national parks systems, which are the foundation of the establishment of a national park system. He presided over 20 national parks and nature reserves’ planning and design, among which the Meili Snow Mountain Master Plan was awarded the first prize by the China Construction Science and Technology and the first prize of Excellent Landscape Architecture Planning and Design of the First Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture. As a leader of the expert group, he chaired the drafting committee of China’s first five-year plan for the protection of cultural and natural heritage. At present, he is invited to serve as an expert for many government departments such as the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the National Forestry and Grass Administration.