Summer 2020 – Research Seminar Series

AFRC Research Seminar Series – Summer 2020

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Cloud-based forest modelling: approaches and applications

Dr. Guoliang Liu, aiTree Ltd, North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7K2C3
Tel: 1 604 2888 5888, Email: gliu@aiTree.Ltd, Web: http://aiTree.Ltd
Forest cloud servers: and

Digital forest modeling can help you plan and design under different environmental and management scenarios to achieve your desired forests. Desired forests can be defined from the perspectives of water quality, carbon storage, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, visual quality objectives, wood supply, economic contribution, and the resilience to natural disturbances of fires, insects, and diseases.

A user can build digital forests in the cloud-based forest modelling platform Forest Simulation Optimization System (FSOS) online and The platform has made forest planning work easier and better because it includes artificial intelligence algorithms, cloud computing, and big data technologies. It is an ideal tool for developers, forest planners, government officers, researchers, and students to work together as a team no matter where you are.

Digital forests will also allow users to visualize the future of the forests and demonstrate how to manage forests to achieve the desired goals.