Bio-based Renewable Materials and Energy

Windmills spread out across flat land with densely accumulated trees behind

UBC Forestry Summer Institute

Bio-based Renewable Materials and Energy

Tentative Schedule: 2 weeks (July 22 – August 02, 2024)
Course Duration:  60 hours
Leading Instructor: Dr. Feng Jiang

This course provides an overview of bioenergy principles and explains the knowledge base as well as the cutting-edge technologies for biofuel production. Students will learn some of the modules, including biofuel classification, biomass chemistry, biofuel production via biomass thermochemical conversion, biofuel production via biomass biochemical conversion as well as the life cycle analysis utilized in the process of biofuel commercialization.

This course is designed for both undergraduate and master’s level students studying biorefinery. Professionals, who endeavor to be engaged in bioenergy and biofuel production, are also the targeted audience of this course.

Course Objectives

The overall goal of this course is to cultivate the best young minds in the research area of bioenergy and biofuels. The significance and necessity of equipping the bioenergy and biofuel knowledge with current students will be elaborated by overviewing the current situation and perspective of this area. The cutting-edge technologies as well as the knowledge base for producing biofuels will also be covered in this course in support of the course goal.

Learning Activities and Assessment

  • Classroom participation and discussion quality
  • Homework and group projects
  • Lab tour and practice
  • Industry tour and sharing
  • Cultural and academic sharing with UBC students
  • Final presentation  

How to Apply

Please read the instructions on the UBC Forestry Summer Institute page to submit your application.

Tentative Program Schedule

Sunday, July 21 Monday, July 22 Tuesday, July 23 Wednesday, July 24 Thursday, July 25 Friday, July 26 Saturday, July 27
9-12 AM Arrive and settle in at UBC Welcome remarks, UBC and forestry introduction, course orientation Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Victoria day trip (optional)
1:30-4:30 PM UBC campus tour UBC campus tour: Museum visiting Lecture Lecture Lab tour
Sunday, July 28 Monday, July 29 Tuesday, July 30 Wednesday, July 31 Thursday, August 01 Friday, August 02 Saturday, August 03
9-12 AM Vancouver day trip (optional) Lecture/Guest lecture Industry tour Lecture/Guest lecture Lecture/Guest lecture Presentation of group projects Free day
1:30-4:30 PM Lecture/Guest lecture Lecture/Guest lecture Cultural sharing by UBC students /Discussion & Preparation for group projects Presentation of group projects and Graduation Ceremony