Carbon Neutrality Management and Sustainable Development

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UBC Forestry Summer Institute

Carbon Neutrality Management and Sustainable Development

Tentative Schedule: 3 weeks (July 22 – August 09, 2024)
Course Duration: 60 hours
Leading Instructor: Dr. Guangyu Wang & Dr. Qingshi Tu

Carbon neutrality is one of the important means to mitigate climate change. Through carbon neutrality, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, and the negative impacts of global climate change on the environment, economy, and society can be alleviated. Canada is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitting countries in the world. Through carbon management, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced, the carbon footprint can be lowered, and the impact of climate change can be mitigated. Canada proposed the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 in the Paris Agreement, meaning carbon neutrality within a short period of 30 years.  Therefore, this is a very challenging task, as it needs to achieve the highest reduction in carbon intensity globally. Carbon neutrality involve profound social system changes that not only relate to energy transformation but also affect changes in development and growth patterns, lifestyle systems, and more. These changes present both huge challenges and significant opportunities to our generation of university students.

Carbon neutrality requires new technologies, new industries, and new models. This course aims to provide a platform for students to understand sustainable development from various perspectives of the environment, economy, and society, and to enhance students’ logical thinking and teamwork abilities in thinking about climate change.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the causes, impacts, and trends of climate change.
  • Master the concept of greenhouse gases and their impact on climate change.
  • Discuss how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through carbon neutrality management.
  • Master how to evaluate the effectiveness of carbon neutrality management and its impact.

Course Outline

Part I: Basic Science of Global Climate Change

  • Definition, causes, and trends of climate change
  • The impact of climate change on human society

Part II: Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change

  • Definition and types of greenhouse gases
  • Sources and impacts of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Methods and data sources for measuring greenhouse gases

Part III: Carbon Neutrality Management Techniques

  • Definition and objectives of carbon neutrality management
  • Methods and techniques of carbon neutrality management
  • Low-carbon transportation technology
  • Renewable energy (Wind, solar…bioenergy…) 
  • Carbon capture and storage technology
  • Circular economy model
  • Ecological protection and restoration
  • Implementation and monitoring of carbon neutrality management

Part IV: Carbon data, policy, Finance, and Market

  • Carbon analysis methodologies
  • Carbon policy, market and trade
  • Carbon financing

Part V: Case Analysis of Carbon Neutrality Management

  • Practical case analysis of carbon offset management
  • Examination of carbon neutrality companies in Canada

Part VI: Practices and Application of Carbon Neutrality Management

  • Application of carbon neutrality management in different fields
  • Future trends and challenges of carbon neutrality management

Learning Assessment

  • Classroom participation and discussion quality
  • Homework and group projects
  • Case analysis of carbon neutrality enterprises
  • Cultural and academic sharing with UBC students
  • Final presentation and research report

How to Apply

Please read the instructions on the UBC Forestry Summer Institute page to submit your application.

Tentative Program Schedule

Sunday, July 21 Monday, July 22 Tuesday, July 23 Wednesday, July 24 Thursday, July 25 Friday, July 26 Saturday, July 27
9-12 AM Arrive and settle in at UBC Welcome remarks, UBC and forestry introduction, course orientation Lecture Lecture Lecture Lecture Day Visiting trip (optional)
1:30-4:30 PM UBC Campus Tour
Sunday, July 28 Monday, July 29 Tuesday, July 30 Wednesday, July 31 Thursday, August 01 Friday, August 02 Saturday, August 03
9-12 AM Day Visiting trip (optional) Lecture/Guest lecture Field Practice 1:Examination of carbon neutrality facilities (9:00-17:00) Lecture/Guest lecture Lecture/Guest lecture Lecture/Guest lecture Day Visiting trip (optional)
1:30-4:30 PM
Sunday, August 04 Monday, August 05 Tuesday, August 06 Wednesday, August 07 Thursday, August 08 Friday, August 09 Saturday, August 10
9-12 AM Day Visiting trip (optional) Lecture/Guest lecture Field Practice 2: Practical case analysis of carbon offset management (9:00-17:00) Lecture/Guest lecture Lecture/Guest lecture Presentation of group projects and Graduation Ceremony group projects Leaving