2020 News & Events

52020 Virtual Conference Series on Global National Park Management
Theme: Global National Park Management in the New Normal: Challenges and Opportunities


Co-Organizer: Asia Forest Research Centre, UBC Faculty of Forestry
Sponsor: The Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet)

For decades, studies have highlighted the connection between national parks and human wellness. The recent global pandemic has enhanced this connection, as populations worldwide are increasing their dependence on national parks to address the physical and mental impacts of Covid-19. However, the pandemic has also resulted in temporary access restrictions to parks and protected areas in order to mitigate disease transmission. These trends have important consequences for park management, including the diminishment of park resources and staff, the suspension of management and restoration programs, and an elevated public appreciation for parks. As parks reopen, it is important for relevant decision-makers to anticipate the short and long-term impacts of Covid-19.

While the global pandemic has presented protected areas with many new challenges, it has also provided us with opportunities to strengthen management strategies. The UBC National Park Research Centre would like to invite the world’s leading park experts to discuss the importance of our parks and to address the short and long-term pandemic impacts.



 AFRC Research Seminar Series – Summer 2020